Focus Scientific

Focus Scientific

We are the longest running telescope retailer in Canada. One of the founders is our current manager.

Our retail store is centrally located in Canada's Captial City of Ottawa. It was founded in 1975 with one goal in mind: to provide really exciting equipment.

In 1975, we were the first store in Ottawa to sell desktop microcomputers. At the same time, we became Canada's first Meade authorized dealer. We are also one of the first 15 Celestron dealers in the world.

Today, we specialize in optical equipment, such as telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, night vision, magnifiers and accessories. We're doing what we love, and we hope you'll love what we do.

Our Employees

All of our employees have years of experience. Feel free to draw upon our wealth of knowledge. We all took the Vortex Optics training course and are certified official experts of sports optics (2008).

Kent Goranson - General Manager

Employed with Focus Scientific since 1975. Kent's knowledge and guidance has helped a lot of people choose equipment that is not just best-in-class, but best-for-lifestyle-and-budget for over a third of a century. Celestron flew him down twice to their California factory to learn how to repair and service Celestron's world-famous Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. Kent is an excellent mentor, and his guidance has a lasting effect on everyone.

Tristan Young - Sales Manager

Employed with Focus Scientific since 1993. Tristan enjoys using, fixing, improving and modding equipment of all types. Tristan specializes in attending to the smallest detail, and the detailed operation and quality control of our equipment. He is experienced in the collimation and repair of telescopes, binoculars and microscopes. His interests include computers, music production, audiophile, graphics, 3D modeling and printing, car repair, photography and smart home automation. He is our resident computer expert.

Check out this soundbyte from Alan Neal from CBC's All In A Day - Are you being served?

Nathan Chamaillard - Sales, Technician & Machinist

Employed with Focus Scientific since 2007. Nathan's area of expertise is astrophotography, having produced gorgeous images that have made some of the best astrophotographers in Canada jealous (and everyone else!). One of his photos won third-place in Nikon's 2008-2009 Photo Contest [view the picture]. He is also part of our quality control team. Nathan's competency includes fine machining; he can machine just about anything to connect, repair or restore equipment, or help you with your own custom designs. He is experienced in the collimation and repair of telescopes. He crafted a real-life periodic table of elements which is on display at the store.

Glenn LeDrew - Web Site Maintenance, Technician, Sales

Glenn has been an active amateur astronomer since 1975, and has traveled to Australia and Mexico for deep southern sky and eclipse gazing. He is experienced in the collimation and repair of telescopes and binoculars. He has built equipment for himself and others, including telescopes, binoculars, all-sky cameras/projectors for a planetarium, and dew heater systems. For a time he fabricated industrial and astronomical optics for Ceravolo Optical Systems, and worked for Mallincam. He has written his own star charting software to create illustrations for books and SkyNews magazine, and published articles and astrophotos in magazines.

Penelope Goranson - Office Manager & Bilingual Sales

Employed with Focus Scientific since 2003. Penelope is an accomplished musician, model and actress with an M.A in English. She's played with big names such as Oscar Peterson, and Long John Baldry. She wrote and produced the wonderful (and catchy) song "Stargazing" as a gift for her husband, Kent Goranson. The song is available for download, or listen below:

Stargazing by Penelope Goranson

Jacob von Chorus - Programmer, Sales, Technician

Employed part-time with Focus Scientific since 2015 until 2017. Jacob is an accomplished computer programmer, authoring his own operating system, co-authoring the Linux driver for the Orion Starshoot Autoguider, and is one of the developers of the current iteration of this website. Jacob is an avid astrophotographer, and a huge Beatles fan. Jacob has gone on to become an Aerospace Electrical Engineer; we miss having him around the store, but continue to enjoy his friendship. We wish him the best in his bright future.

One of the things that connects all of our employees is we all play one or more musical instruments.