Focus Scientific

Imagine opening your brand-new purchase to find broken glass, or it doesn't work.

Sad experiences such as these happen every day. Our customers are protected from these experiences with our Focus Quality Assurance.

Focus Quality Assurance

Over 4 decades of experience has taught us that product inspection and correction is valuable; something our customers deserve.

Every product sold by Focus Scientific is put through our quality assurance program so that you receive products free of defects.

Every product is:

  • Inspected
  • Tested
  • Adjusted
  • Upgraded

We fully assemble most products before delivering to the customer to verify proper fit and function. Due to variations in manufacturing, corrective measures must be employed so parts fit together and align easily.

Investing this additional time greatly benefits the customer. Our reputation depends on it.

What Can Go Wrong?

Not every product has issues out of the box, but when they do it can be frustrating to deal with. Some customers may not even recognize a problem until years later.

Problems found in brand-new factory-sealed boxes include (in order of most-common to least-common):

  • Broken glass
  • Fuzzy out-of-collimation optics (misalignment)
  • Out of date firmware (motor controllers, hand controller)
  • Drives out of adjustment - too little or too much play/backlash
  • Dirty optics including internal debris
  • Missing parts (eyepiece, thumbscrew and other fasteners)
  • Eyepieces with lenses mounted incorrectly
  • Threads that don't mate correctly
  • Optical distortion or out-of specification aberrations

Learning Is Fun

Every telescope includes our 19+ page Beginner's Guide To Using Telescopes, written by our staff.

We hold a free one-day 4 hour beginners telescope course, usually held on International Astronomy Day (Q2) each year. Paul Klauninger and Rob Lavoie are experienced educators, and they're a lot of fun to engage.

Free Technical Support

Have questions or problems with your purchase? You can count on us. Please contact us anytime for assistance. One-on-one help is also available at our retail store.

Our cheerful, knowledgeable staff draw from a variety of interests and education, and take part in various product courses and training to deliver the best advice and care during the discovery and purchase phases, and best after-sales support.

Focus Scientific is an authorized dealer for every brand we sell.