Kowa TE11WZ 25-60x Wide-Angle Zoom Eyepiece for TSN-883/TSN-884 Spotting Scopes

Kowa TE11WZ 25-60x Wide-Angle Zoom Eyepiece for TSN-883/TSN-884 Spotting Scopes

Due to high demand and global product shortages due to the pandemic, please call for availability.

The Kowa 25-60x wide-angle zoom eyepiece is an excellent fit for those looking for the widest fields possible. The Kowa wide-angle zoom eyepiece offers 8% greater field of view at 25x than the standard zoom eyepiece provides at 20x. At 60x, the field of view is 16% greater compared to the standard zoom eyepiece.

Wide fields of view make it possible to locate subjects quicker. More of the action can be viewed in one gaze, requiring less panning around.

The sharp, bright views are enhanced by the ability to seek out the best possible contrast. How this works is simple; changing the magnification changes the relative brightness, and due to how our eyes respond to light, this affects the contrast.

When comparing prices, be sure to compare Canadian prices, and same configuration. Many websites list Kowa scopes without the eyepiece. We offer individual items and most common packages.



  • Wide field of view makes locating subjects easier, take in more action
  • Easily find the point of best contrast varying the magnification
  • Large easy to use eyepiece with twist-style eyecup and long eye relief
  • Fully multicoated optics provide high light transmission


  • Magnification 25x-60x zoom
  • Exit pupil @ 25x: 3.5mm (0.14") ⌀ 88mm
  • Exit pupil @ 60x: 1.5mm (.06") ⌀ 88mm
  • Eye relief @ 25x-60x: 17.0 (.7")
  • Angular field of view @ 25x: 2.4° ⌀ 88mm
  • Angular field of view @ 60x: 1.32° ⌀ 88mm
  • Field of view @ 25x: 42m@1000m (126ft@1000yds) ⌀ 88mm
  • Field of view @ 60x, 23m@1000m (70ft@1000yds) ⌀ 88mm
  • Close Focus: 5m (16ft) ⌀ 88mm
  • Relative brightness @ 25x: 12.4 ⌀ 88mm
  • Relative brightness @ 60x: 2.2 ⌀ 88mm
  • Lifetime warranty