Tele Vue 2x 2" Powermate T-Adapter

Tele Vue 2x 2" Powermate T-Adapter


Connect your camera directly to the Tele Vue 2" 2x Powermate with the Powermate T-adapter.

Simply unscrew the black 2" eyepiece clamp housing, and thread on the Powermate T-adapter. 42mm T-threaded to accept standard T-rings, or to allow direct connection to 42mm threaded cameras.


  • Compact adapter places the camera closer to the lens
  • Threaded, black anodized and internally flat-black painted to suppresses contrast-robbing stray light
  • M42 threaded to accept standard T-rings or M42 threaded cameras


  • M42 T-thread
  • Length: 30mm (1.2") (not including t-thread)
  • Weight: 35g (1oz)

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