Xagyl EQMOD USB Cable for EQ6/Atlas EQ-G

Xagyl EQMOD USB Cable for EQ6/Atlas EQ-G


The Xagyl EQMOD USB cable simplifies connecting the EQ6 and Atlas EQ-G computerized equatorial mounts made by Synta to a PC. Using EQMOD with Ascom provides the user with increased fine-grain control over their mount, enhanced with a convenient on-screen graphical interface.

This cable is an all-in-one solution utilizing a computer's USB port, and bypasses the Synscan computerized hand control. It is designed to be used with the EQMOD Ascom driver.

Mount Compatibility

  • Sky-Watcher EQ6
  • Orion Atlas EQ-G
  • Mount must be equipped with the Synscan computer drive system


  • Doesn't require a separate USB to RS-232 serial adapter
  • Replaces the factory Synscan computerized hand control
  • Finer control over the mount
  • Consistent COM port numbering regardless of USB port
  • Compatible with all Ascom compatible software

Computer Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • One free USB port
  • Ascom API package

EQDIR-USB drivers can be downloaded here.

The ASCOM platform can be downloaded here.
The EQMOD EQASCOM telescope driver can be downloaded here.