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Carson Optical was founded in 1990 by Richard Cameron, who initially named his company “Copitar USA.” Cameron realized early on that Carson needed to focus on products that really improved the overall customer experience. This overall philosophy is still what drives Carson today, and has allowed the company to thrive in an industry often dominated by larger marketing driven competitors.

The company’s product line has grown exponentially to encompass a broader range of products and accessories that reflect the needs of its client base. Carson’s product line can be found in diverse outlets, including sporting goods stores, office supply retailers, mass merchants, pharmacies and even craft retailers.

Carson’s commitment to excellence is the foundation of the company. As the number one manufacturer of US magnifiers and one of the leading suppliers of binoculars, Carson’s entire product line consistently boasts first-rate quality at affordable price points.

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Carson SB-22 DustBlaster Lens Blower

Result Pages: