About Us

Focus Scientific

We are the longest running telescope retailer in Canada.

Our retail store is centrally located in Canada's Capital City of Ottawa. It was founded in 1975 with one goal in mind: to provide really exciting equipment.

In 1975, we were the first store in Ottawa to sell desktop microcomputers based on such processors as the Zylog Z80. At the same time, we became Canada's first Meade authorized dealer. We are also one of the first 15 Celestron dealers in the world.

Today, we specialize in optical equipment, such as telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, cameras, night vision, magnifiers and accessories. We're doing what we love, and we hope you'll love what we do.

Our Employees

All of our employees have years of experience. Feel free to draw upon our wealth of knowledge. We all took the Vortex Optics training course and are certified official experts of sports optics (2008).

Penelope Goranson - President

Penelope has been with Focus Scientific since 2003, and became president of the company in 2019. She is an accomplished musician, model and actress with an M.A in English. She's played with big names such as Oscar Peterson, and Long John Baldry. She wrote and produced the wonderful (and catchy) song "Stargazing" as a gift for her husband, Kent Goranson. The song is available for download, or listen below:

Stargazing by Penelope Goranson

Tristan Young - Manager, Webmaster

Employed with Focus Scientific since 1993. Tristan enjoys using, fixing, improving and modding equipment of all types. Tristan specializes in attending to the smallest detail, and the detailed operation and quality control of our equipment. He is experienced in the collimation and repair of telescopes, binoculars and microscopes. His interests include computers, music production (sound and lights), audiophile, graphics, 3D modeling and printing, car repair, photography and smart home automation. He is our resident computer expert.

Check out this soundbyte from Alan Neal from CBC's All In A Day - Are you being served?

Tariq Bur

Tariq joined our team in late 2020, but he is like family to the team since he has been an avid astrophotographer and gracing our store for many years.  More description to come.

Glenn LeDrew - Sales, Technician, Website Maintenance

Glenn has been an active amateur astronomer since 1975, and has traveled to Australia and Mexico for deep southern sky and eclipse gazing. He is experienced in the collimation and repair of telescopes and binoculars. He has built equipment for himself and others, including telescopes, binoculars, all-sky cameras/projectors for a planetarium, and dew heater systems. For a time he fabricated industrial and astronomical optics for Ceravolo Optical Systems, and worked for Mallincam. He has written his own star charting software to create illustrations for books and SkyNews magazine, and published articles and astrophotos in magazines. In his spare time, he enjoys meticulously improving 3D models of vintage aircraft for the IL 2 World War II Combat Flight Simulator.


Aidan Downie-Cheetham

Aidan is a newcomer to astronomy, but he tackles it with passion.  More description to come.

Kent Goranson

We'd like to pay special homage to Kent, our friend, our mentor, and the man we all looked to for guidance. Kent along with another partner created this fine Canadian institution through hard work, blood, sweat and tears. His determination to bring exciting technology into the homes of Canadians, and introduce them to the wonderful world of computers, astronomy and nature set the foundation for many venturing into their new hobbies and careers. Kent retired from his duties in July 2019.

Canadian Geographic interviewed Kent in 2014, and as luck should have it, we found it. The internet really does not forget. And neither will the many people who's lives have been touched by Kent.