Consignment items may need to be left with us for one or more days for evaluation. Items left for evaluation will be considered abandoned if we cannot contact the consignor within 30 days of receipt. Please double check that the phone# and email address are correct on the receiving report.



Consignment Period and Exclusivity

Items shall be left on consignment for a period no less than 90 days, during which we shall be the exclusive seller of the item(s).



Receiving Report

In order to reduce confusion, when reading the receiving report we provide:

  • The COST column representing the amount owed per item to the consignor, less commission.

  • The TOTAL column representing the selling price per item, including our commission.

  • The LIST PRICE column representing the selling price per item.


Consignment Reporting

Due to the number of items left on consignment, we are unable to contact individual consignors each time an item sells. Please contact us to inquire about the status of your consignment account every 3 to 4 weeks.



Consignment Payment

Payment is made by business cheque, or as a trade against other merchandise. In the case of trade-ins, the consignor pays the difference in tax, just like trading in a car.




Current or last-available selling price, market forces and condition are taken into consideration.

  • 20% depreciation – reserved for rare products and products that are absolutely brand-new

  • 30% depreciation – most item, increasing based on condition or sales performance

  • 40% or more – products in rough, well-used condition



  • 50% on items $60.00 or less

  • 30% on items greater than $60.00

  • 20% on rare or high-value items



Offers made on consignment items, where the item has been for sale for a short period of time are generally declined, except in cases where the item may be difficult to sell.


Offers made on consignment items, where the item has been for sale for a longer period of time, the offer will be relayed to the consignor. The consignor may choose to ACCEPT, COUNTER or DECLINE the offer.



Reserve Price

The consignor may set a reserve price at their discretion that is less than the agreed-upon amount. Offers made at or above the reserve price may be accepted without further authorization. Offers made below the reserve price require the consignor's explicit acceptance.



Price adjustments

Consignors should consider adjusting prices periodically to increase interest in non-moving/stale items. Please notify us of any changes you wish to make.



Presenting Goods

Please ensure goods are clean and presentable. Rust can be removed using steel wool with some light oil. Wet thick nap microfibre cloths work great for cleaning non-smooth surfaces. Remove sticky/crusty adhesive residue using GooGone or a light oil; heat may assist. Toothbrush hard-to-reach areas. Vacuum or use compressed air to evacuate dead bugs and dust.


The more time we spend cleaning, the less time we spend selling.

We charge $2.00/minute, 15 minutes minimum for cleaning services.


Please include original packaging when possible as it helps sell the product.




The consignor may remove non-sold items from consignment after a period of 90 days. If more than 5 items are removed from sale, there may be a $10.00 CAD + tax fee assessed per item, if the item was marketed through our website, to cover time and cost associated with creating the listing.


Additional service fees may be applicable for any service undertaken to correct deficiencies in the equipment (eg: cleaning, electronic repair, other corrective measures).


Once an item is sold, it cannot be removed.




The consignor is responsible for shipping, signature and insurance costs in all cases where the equipment needs to be shipped to Focus Scientific for evaluation, or shipped back to the consignor.


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