Payment Information

Accepted Forms of Payment

  • Cash or Interac® (ATM/debit card) for pickup orders
  • Certified Personal Cheque, Money Order, Western Union and Gift Certificate
  • Visa or Mastercard (Canadian and United States residents only)
  • Interac® e-Transfer
  • PayPal (for small orders)
We accept Visa
We accept Mastercard
We accept Interac (walk-in) or Interac by email

Credit Cards - Canadian or American

Payments are accepted using credit cards drawn on Canadian or American financial institutions.

Credit cards are accepted online during the encrypted secure checkout process, or verbally by phone to one of our sales experts.

Please ensure your billing address matches exactly as it appears on your monthly statement for faster processing.

Packages are shipped only to addresses registered on the credit card. Talk with your financial institution about registering an alternate address, or adding a one-time special authorization or note on your account in which you have to provide the name of our company.

Credit Cards - Foreign

Payments using credit cards drawn on non-Canadian or non-American financial institutions are not accepted. The billing/shipping information cannot be verified. We apologize for this inconvenience.

In these cases, paying by Western Union, or Interac e-Transfer is recommended.

These measures are put in place for the protection of the cardholder and ourselves.

Third Party Credit Cards

Third party credit card payments are not accepted. Only the bearer of the credit card may place an order using their card.

Interac® and Interac e-Transfer

Interac® is accepted for in-store pickup.

Interac® e-Transfers can be used for any order.

How to Send Interac® e-Transfers

  1. Complete your order on our web store
  2. Log into your bank and initiate the transfer
  3. Send the transfer to:
  4. Call us toll-free at 1-877-815-1350 or 613-723-1350 (local) with your security answer

Your financial institution may have a maximum dollar limit for e-Transfers. You may split up e-Transfers to work around any limits.

For more information on e-Transfers, please visit the Interac e-Transfer website.

American Express/Discover

We do not accept American Express or the Discover card.


We accept PayPal from PayPal verified accounts for small orders more than $20.00 and up to $500.00 including tax destined outside of the greater Ottawa area. There may be a holding period of 7 days for payments from unverified PayPal accounts. Please ensure payments are made in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Send a PayPal payment to Focus Scientific.

Certified Personal Cheques

Only bank-certified personal cheques are accepted, and must be drawn from a Canadian bank. Non-certified cheques will be refused.

Money Order

Money orders are accepted only when drawn from a Canadian or United States bank.

Gift Certificates

In order to redeem a gift certificate, mail it to us. In cases where the gift certificate is valued at less than the purchase amount, during check-out select the payment method for the balance, and in the comment text area, type "Gift Certificate", and the serial number printed on the certificate.

Purchase Orders

We accept purchase orders for purchases that will be paid by a company or government credit card prior to pickup or delivery.

Minimum Order

Items priced less than $20 may be subject to a minimum order requirement if the final order total before shipping and tax is less than $20. We will clearly state any such requirement at the end of the product listing.


We process refunds through our system immediately. In-store interac refunds appear immediately in your bank account. Credit card refunds usually take 3 business days, however may take up to 15 business days due the company we use to process payments. Please contact us if you have any questions about your refund.

Sales Taxes - Canadian Mailorder

  • 13% HST if residing in:
    • Ontario
  • 14% HST if residing in:
    • Prince Edward Island
  • 15% HST if residing in:
    • New Brunswick
    • NewFoundland/Labrador
    • Nova Scotia
  • 5% GST if residing in:
    • Alberta
    • British Columbia
    • Manitoba
    • Northwest Territories
    • Nunavut
    • Quebec
    • Saskatchewan
    • Yukon Territory
  • 5% HST only on books, regardless of province
  • First Nations status card holders - GST/HST exempt when shipped to a reserve, or PST exempt when picked up in-store
  • We do not collect provincial sales tax for shipments destined to Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Quebec, Saskatchewan, or the Yukon Territory. If you live in one of these provinces, you are required to self-assess and declare any provincial sales tax owed on your income tax form.

Sales Tax, Brokerage and Duty - International Mailorder

  • Exempt from Canadian taxes
  • May be required to pay duty, brokerage, and state/VAT taxes upon receipt
  • USA customers enjoy a de minimis of $800.00 USD before taxes and duties are levied by customs
  • Consult your local customs office for complete import details and de minimis rules

Sales Taxes - In-store Pickup

  • All pickup orders pay 13% HST, regardless of residence
  • 5% HST only on books, regardless of residence
  • First Nations status card holders exempt from 8% provincial portion of the HST

Sales Taxes - Government

  • Federal government pays GST/HST
  • Most provincial governments pay GST/HST
    • Ontario
    • British Columbia
    • New Brunswick
    • Newfoundland and Labrador
    • Nova Scotia
    • Prince Edward Island
    • Nunavut
  • Exemption certificate required for all other provincial governments