Warranty & Repair Service

New Product Warranty

Warranties are not all created equal; sometimes lower-priced grey-market products include lesser warranties such as not qualifying for a manufacturer's national lifetime no-fault warranty. Our products are not grey-market. Always compare the warranty terms. Don't settle for anything less.

Products purchased from Focus Scientific include the manufacturer's Canadian warranty. We encourage you to contact us first. Our experienced technicians can resolve many problems without the hassles of dealing with tech support tickets, RMAs, and shipping. We have many replacement parts in-stock. We can help you determine which items are required for the proper diagnosis and repair by our service department or the manufacturer's service department.

For our local customers, we offer packing and shipping services to get your defective products back to the manufacturer. A reasonable handling fee applies, as low as $20.00 CAD.

Do-It-Yourself Repair Parts Warranty

Any repair parts sold/provided by Focus Scientific are as a courtesy to our customers. DIY telescope repair can be tricky and unpredictable. For example, electronic components are susceptible to scratch-damage (eg: circuit board traces), static electricity, short-circuit, reverse voltage and over voltage; we are unable to offer any returns or refunds on replacement parts. We are not responsible for damages caused by the installation of repair parts.

Used Product Warranty

Unless otherwise noted, used products carry a one-year Focus Scientific warranty on the optics and mechanics; however, electronics, motors, and cables are fully tested and guaranteed to work prior to leaving the store. Used products must pass our Focus Quality Assurance program.


We service what we sell. We service what other companies sell. We'll maintain your equipment so you can concentrate on enjoyment.

Our services include:

  • Optical alignment
    • Telescope collimation
    • *Binocular collimation
    • Microscope alignment (binocular heads, lighting, condensers, phase-contrast, etc.)
  • Mechanical repair
  • Electronic repair
  • Custom-manufactured parts
  • Painting and anodizing/re-anodizing
  • Mirror re-coating
  • Cleaning

*Note: In-store binocular repairs are limited to quality non-waterproof models that aren't worn out or require part replacement. We can order replacement eyecups for a few high-end brands, such as Swarovski. For other brands, the binocular will need a trip to the brand's service department.