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Your Privacy Is Important To Us

The information collected by the Focus Scientific website is strictly used for:

  • Customizing the website for your needs
  • Recording purchased items
  • Providing public product reviews
  • Sending product referrals to friends

Submission Of Personal Information

Focus Scientific will never ask for personal information by email. From time to time we may verify information by phone. If you suspect a scam, and want to ensure you're speaking with us, feel free to call us back directly.

SSL Encryption

RapidSSL 256bit Encryption Certificate - Site Seal

Your connection to our web store is secured the moment you visit by SSL encryption (up to 256bit) for your privacy and protection. Browse our website, enter personal information, make purchases, etc. with confidence.

Encryption Indicators

All web browsers provide visual indicators, such as altering the appearance of the website address in the address bar.

A padlock is often used to show a secure webpage, followed by the letters https:// in the address bar.

An exclamation mark identifies a page with mixed encrypted/non-encrypted content. For security reasons, pages with mixed content do not make use of session ID's to protect you from session spoofing attacks.


Cookie support is required when using this website.

We do not use cookies to tracking surfing habits. Feel free to delete our cookie after you've finished with our site.

Product Reviews

By submitting a product review, you agree to allow us to publicly display your name along with the product review for anyone to read. No other personally identifiable information will be provided by us.

Sorry, no anonymous reviews are permitted.

Product Referrals

Receiving unwanted product referrals can be annoying. Please send product referrals with respect for the recipient.

Account Removal

If you wish to have your account deleted from our database, please contact us with your request; we will need to validate your account information to fulfill the request. Accounts will be deleted within 48 hours, so long as all orders have been fulfilled by us, or canceled by you.