Focus Scientific

USED ScopeStuff 2\" Crayford Focuser for Refractors with 3.8\" Adapter

Used but in good condition. Includes the 3.8" O.D. adapter for a number of common refractors. Does not include the 2" to 1.25" eyepiece adapter, end cap and box.

These solid GSO 2 speed Linear Bearing Crayford focusers can transform your scope into a dream machine! The factory focuser is the weakest link in most imported scopes, and these linear bearing focusers are a giant leap in useability, with higher weight capibility, ridgidity and smoothness than the standard GSO Crayfords.

Bolt on our Crayford focuser and enjoy smooth operation, great feel and precise adjustability. The draw tube and unified compression ring visual back are machined from solid aluminum. The 1/8" thick-wall drawtube is internally baffled and anti-reflection blackened.

The linear bearing is precision ground from hard steel for precise operation. The bodies are black anodized machined aluminum and have tension and lock controls that adjust the focuser anywhere from a very light feel to fully locked. Whether it's a light eyepiece or a heavy camera, control is smooth and precise, with no image shift, backlash, stickiness or bumpy feel.

The Refractor Linear Bearing Crayford Focusers have 2" travel, the flange outside diameter is 3.4" to fit 3.5" OD tubes, drilled and tapped for three M4 screws. Features a 10:1 fine focus action. Weighs 1.9 lbs. Fits AT-1010 and NightHawks perfectly! Minimum in-focus length from scope tube to 2" barrel is 3.6". Rotatable, single thumbscrew to lock rotation. Has a printed scale on the drawtube in both inches and millimeters

Adapter rings for refractor Crayfords are available for 3.8", 4.4" and 5.4" ID tubes for Synta Refractors (Skywatcher, Celestron, Orion, Konus, Etc.), Meade AR5 and AR6 and Antares 1208, 12012. The 3.8" adapter is included here. With stainless steel hardware. Adapter rings are only available purchased with a focuser! Please note, due to the oddly long drawtubes on the Meade AR5 and AR6 refractor factory focusers, an extension is often required with replacement focusers in order to achieve focus. Our #ET35 extension is a good choice for most applications.