Focus Scientific

USED Coronado SolarMax II 60mm Double Stack w/ 10mm Blocking Filter

Condition: Very good.

Includes a 25mm focal length eyepiece.

Includes original hard cases for both the telescope and the Double Stack module.

Includes a Moonlite Crayford focuser, optimized for this telescope model, which makes for far more precise and easy focusing action. The original focuser is included as well.

Includes a 44mm wide Vixen style dovetail.

View spectacular solar prominences in stunning detail with the Coronado SolarMax II 60mm Solar Telescope with RichView tuning system. Each dedicated solar telescope includes a blocking filter.

The RichView tuning system allows precise tuning of the etalon blocking filter to maximize contrast while viewing H-alpha solar details.

The 60mm aperture provides greater resolving power, revealing finer details. The double stack filter tightens the bandpass to 0.5 angstroms, revealing even greater surface detail and prominences on the Sun.


  • Aperture: 60mm (2.4")
  • Focal length: 400mm (15.7")
  • Focal ratio: f/6.7
  • Bandwidth: 0.05 nm (0.5 Å)
  • Finderscope: Sol Ranger
  • Eyepiece: 25mm Plossl
  • Blocking filter: 10mm
  • Total weight this configuration: 4.5 kg (9.9 lbs)