Focus Scientific

USED Velbon Sherpa 450 Tripod

Condition: Very good. In original box. Note that adhesive attaching the cork pad atop the mounting plate is old and not as effective as when new. You could re-attach with contact cement, or elect to dispose of the cork. In certain respects the direct contact of your gear with the metal of the plate is superior.

Sturdy and reliable, the Velbon Sherpa series of tripods will solidly support your spotting scope or camera. These tripods represent excellent value. If you currently own a wobbly tripod with plastic parts, upgrade now, and at an attractive price!

This tripod has a geared centre column, with adjustable friction. The mounting plate can be angled laterally between horizontal and vertical, offering an addition degree of freedom in orienting your equipment. A quick-release mechanism permits to keep the mounting plate attached to your scope or camera.


  • Metal quick-release shoe
  • Metal pan and tilt head head
  • Head flips 90° for portrait/landscape photography
  • Geared and split centre-column, can be inverted
  • 3-section quick-release legs
  • Rubber feet
  • Replacement quick-release shoe: QB-157


  • Fully extended height: 151cm (59")
  • Folded height: 66cm (26")
  • Maximum load: 5kg (11lbs)
  • Weight: 2120g (4.7lbs)
  • One year warranty