Focus Scientific

Celestron 1.75\" x 10\" Universal Dovetail Mounting Bar

Mount telescopes, rings, cameras, and more to many popular models of equatorial and altazimuth mounts that accept 1.75" standard dovetails.

Compatible with Celestron, Orion, Sky-Watcher, Vixen and others that use the 1.75" dovetail standard.

Made from sturdy machined Aluminum, and black anodized.


  • Through-holes and slot-hole accept 6mm or 1/4" bolts
  • Threaded holes: 2x 1/4" 20tpi, 2x 5/16" 18tpi, 2x 3/8" 16tpi
  • Length: 25.4cm (10")
  • Plate Width: 44mm (1.75")
  • Weight: 352g (12.3oz)