Focus Scientific

Swarovski Universal Tripod Adapter for EL, EL Range, SLC Binoculars (UTB)

Increase binocular comfort, stability and shareability with the Swarovski Universal Tripod Adapter. Suitable for nature, scenic and astronomical use.

Reduce shakes and jiggles caused by the combination of higher magnifications, strenuous activity (hiking, etc.), blood sugar levels, etc. Share interesting animals or astronomical object with ease by fixing the view.


  • Study, light-weight universal design fits EL, EL Range and SLC series binoculars
  • Slip-resistant adjustable strap
  • 1/4" 20tpi mounting socket fits any standard tripod
  • Dovetails with with Swarovski tripod heads
  • One year limited warranty

Note: Binocular and tripod not included.