Focus Scientific

Orion Optics Cleaning Kit

No matter how careful you are with optics, you can't avoid the pitfalls: dust, dirt, pollen, spittle, makeup and condensation. These serve to rob you of image clarity and contrast.

The best way to clean optics is to blow away surface contaminants, especially anything that could scratch the coatings. If additional cleaning is required, a lens tissue moistened with cleaning fluid will help re-hydrate pollen and spittle, and break down oily films. Lastly, the microfibre cloth can polish the coatings to a streak-free finish.

Ideal for cleaning binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, spotting scopes, camera lenses and more.

On one hand, cleaning optics degrades them, so clean sparingly. On the other hand, leaving acidic compounds like sweat and pollen on optics can erode the thin-film coatings. Optics can last a lifetime; use your best judgment when maintaining them.


  • Blower bulb - ejects strong jet of air to dislodge dust and sand
  • Microfibre cloth - gently cleans and polishes lens coatings
  • Lens tissue - for more thorough cleaning of oils, pollens, spittle, and more. Moisten with cleaning fluid.
  • Cleaning fluid - use with the lens tissues to hydrate stuck-on spots, breaks down oily films
  • 5 Cotton swabs on wooden sticks - get into nooks and crannies, tightly wound cotton leaves fewer fibres behind compared to ear swabs