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Being a Bird in North America Vol 1. Waterfowl to Shorebirds

Being a Bird in North America volume 1 - Waterfowl to Shorebirds by Ottawa's own Robert Alvo is a beautifully illustrated book for anyone interested in birds.

Book features

  • Custom-drawn cartoons from 15 artists.
  • Well-researched and properly cited and references species accounts featuring interesting aspects of each native breeding species, such as their tricks for survival, real problems they face in nature or because of humans, ecology, birding considerations, unanswered questions, and much more.
  • Global distribution maps.
  • NatureServe conservation status ranks: global, Canada, US, Mexico.
  • Spanish bird names for use in Mexico published for the first time. Also French names.
  • Taxonomy, nomenclature, and species ordering as per the American Ornithologists' Union (Chesser 2014).
  • Photos from biologists conducting field work.
  • Focus on "North America" as defined by the American Birding Association (ABA).
  • Prosaic gems from Arthur Cleveland Bent's Life Histories of North American Birds book series.
  • An appendix that completes the list and status of North American Birds.
  • Hardcover, 255 pages, color