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Kendrick Baader Solar Filter with Sun Finder fits 150-180mm O.D.

View our closest star, The Sun, sun spots, and granulation with a Kendrick solar filter.

Kendrick solar filters are manufactured in Canada. They utilize Baader Planetarium's premium Baader Astrosolar Safety Film, which is specially manufactured to provide the very best eye protection, and delivers superb contrast and a white sun image.

The Kendrick Baader solar filter includes a convenient sun finder to help aim at the Sun. The finder can be seen while standing in-front, beside, or behind the telescope.

Three thumbscrews fasten the filter securely to the telescope.

These filters are visual grade. They can be used photographically, however if your sole purpose is to photograph the Sun, we recommend the photographic grade, which are a lighter density (ND 3.5). The photographic grade allows for shorter exposures.


  • Fits 150mm to 180mm outside diameter tubes
  • One year warranty

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