Focus Scientific

QHYCCD Medium Color Filter Wheel 2, 7-Position 36mm unmounted

The QHYCFW2 is available in two sizes; medium (-M) and small (-S), to meet the needs of different models of astronomical cameras and astronomical telescopes. The QHYCFW2-M is available in two versions: Standard (-SR, 21.5mm thick) and Ultra Slim (-US, 17mm thick). (The large [-L] version has been superseded by the QHYCFW3.)

QHYCFW2-M-SR Medium size, Standard thickness filter wheel. Supports a carousel holding five 2-inch mounted filters or 50mm unmounted filters. Also supports a carousel holding seven 36mm unmounted filters.


  • 7 position, 36mm unmounted:
    • Filter Glass Thickness: 0.7 - 8mm
    • Weight: 730g
  • Dimensions (not including mount): 163 x 163 x 40.4mm