Focus Scientific

William Optics Flattener 8 0.72x Reducer Flattener for f/6-7.8 Refractors

This new and revolutionary, must-have WO 0.72X Reducer flattener is adjustable for f/6-7.8 refractors. This high-quality accessory has been engineered and CNC machined for usage with WO GT153, FLT 132, 102GTS and other APO refractors (including those of other make, if possessing a minimum 3" focuser, and if adaptable.)

The design is an airspaced ED doublet utilizing the best Ohara optical glass. The clear aperture of 50mm provides a well-illuminated 45mm imaging circle, intended to cover full size DSLR cameras. And the field will be well flattened, realizing tight star images to the frame corners. STM coatings and internal threading/blackening maximize transmission and contrast transfer.

Depending on the telescope focal ratio and its inherent field curvature, the optimized spacing of lens and sensor is achieved by rotating the rear section to the required distance as measured against the built-in printed scale (in millimeters.) Then the locking ring is brought to bear against this rear section, solidly securing the assembly.

The usual superb William Optics anodized finish complements that of their telescopes. Protective covers are included for both ends. Accepts 48mm 'wide' T-rings for your camera (thread size M48x0.75, and sold separately).

M48 wide T-rings for Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras can be found on our webstore.