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Celestron Powertank Lithium (LiFePo4) 7.2Ahr 86.4Wh @ 12v Power Pack

Power in the field is an important concern for modern astronomers. Whether it be powering goto scopes, CCD imaging equipment, or dew-heaters, having a good and reliable battery is essential.

Conventional lead-acid batteries are heavy, require comprehensive care to prevent damage, have a short life of up-to 5 years, and contain toxic metals. Celestron's new Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFE) battery solves these problems. This battery can be deeply discharged without damage, can be left on a shelf without damage, and does not suffer from memory effects when charging. LFE batteries have a considerably longer service life up-to 10 years, while providing superior reliability and excellent efficiency.

This battery has a capacity of 86.4 Watt-hours, equivalent to 7.2 Ah at 12 V. This means the battery can supply a 12 V device 1 A for 7.2 hours. It is important to note that this is effectively more capacity than a 7.2 Ah lead-acid battery because the lead-acid battery must not be discharged below half its capacity to prevent damage.

All required accessories are included. A 100-240 V universal AC charger is included that can recharge the battery from flat in only 3 hours. A 2.1 mm tip-positive power cord is also included, capable of powering mounts and cameras alike.

The Celestron Lithium Phosphate battery is designed to integrate well onto a telescope mount. It is small enough to be attached to the leg of a steel tripod, and light enough to hang from the accessory tray. Straps are included for both of these methods.


  • Lithium Phosphate technology for durability, and safety
  • 2000 charge cycles, versus 500 for lithium ion and 300 for lead-acid
  • Un-recharged shelf life of 10 years
  • Does not have fire danger of lithium ion batteries
  • Environmentally friendly, no toxic heavy metals
  • Built-in LED light


  • Capacity: 86.4 Wh (7.2 Ah @ 12 V)
  • Output: 12 VDC @ 3 A (2.1 mm tip-positive)
  • Output: 2 x 5 VDC USB @ 1 A and 2.1 A
  • Charging: 16 VDC @ 2 A (mains charger included)
  • Charge Time: 3 hours from flat
  • Waterproof: Protected against a low pressure jet
  • Dustproof: Sealed container, dustproof
  • Dimensions: 19.1 cm tall x 7.6 cm diameter (7.5 x 3 in)
  • Weight: 1.0 kg (2.25 lbs)