Focus Scientific

Baader UHC Nebula Visual & CCD Filter (1.25\")

Enhances contrast of emission Nebulae by rejecting light pollution from unwanted regions of the visible spectrum. Nebulae will be easier to see, as the sky is darkened.

The glass substrate is finely optically polished plane parallel, providing 1/4 wavefront over entire surface.

Multi-layer dielectric coatings are plasma-assisted and ion beam-hardened using the latest technology

The Baader Planetarium UHC Nebula Filter coatings will never degrade from normal use or normal cleaning.

Nebula filters are useful in and out of the city for both visual and photographic applications.


  • Passes:
    • Hydrogen Beta (486.1nm wavelength)
    • Doubly ionized Oxygen-III (500.7nm and 495.9nm wavelengths)
    • Hydrogen Alpha (656.3nm wavelength)
  • Made in Germany
  • Fits 1.25" optics