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Meade X-Wedge Equatorial Wedge for LX200 and LX600 Telescopes

The Meade X-Wedge Equatorial Wedge is designed for Meade LX200 and LX600 fork-mounted telescopes to provide equatorial tracking.

Equatorial tracking is important for long-exposure astrophotography of more than 30 seconds. Unlike alt-azimuth tracking, equatorial tracking enables the telescope to rotate with the sky, eliminating field-rotation and star trails.


  • Compatible with Meade field tripods as supplied with 10 through 14" diameter LX200 and LX600 telescopes
  • Also compatible with LX90 models and discontinued models LX50, LX200 "Classic" and RCX400
  • Wedge can also be pier mounted (hardware not included)
  • X-Wedge is 30% stronger than competing wedges


  • Weight: to be determined
  • Meade one year warranty