Focus Scientific

Sky-Watcher MN190 EQ6 SynScan Maksutov-Newtonian Telescope

The Mak-Newtonian from Sky-Watcher is just what astrophotographers and serious visual observers have been looking for. The fast photographic speed of f/5.3 ensures short exposure times, and the 1,000mm focal length offers a fine compromise between image scale for detail and wide field for those larger objects.

The Mak-Newtonian design provides large aperture apochromatic performance with exceptional field correction in a compact, affordable package. Compared to a similarly sized Schmidt-Newtonian, the Mak-Newtonian yields a sharper and more contrasty image. Naturally, the Mak-Newtonian is an excellent visual performer, too.

Sky-Watcher Maksutov-Newtonian series benefit from the inclusion of Schott glass being used for the positive front Crown element in the objective. Schott is the recognized world leader in glass utilized for precision optical lens systems, including medical instrumentation, and famous-brand camera lenses.

The optical tube material is rolled steel, powder-coated reflective gloss black with gold fleck accent. The front and back cells are cast-aluminum painted white, or black.

Optical focus is achieved by means of a mechanically ultra-smooth, backlash-free, precision 2” Crayford focuser-assembly. This focuser offers fine and ultra-fine focusing adjustments.

Large 64mm secondary mirror increases field illumination for optimal use with larger CCDs. The secondary mirror obstruction by diameter is 34%, and by area 11%.

The EQ6 Pro is the second-highest capacity mount available presently from Sky-Watcher that can handle a wide variety of telescope optical tubes. Strong enough to handle 280mm (11") optical tubes.

"Pro" features make this great for astrophotography, such as an ST4 compatible autoguider port, periodic error correction, polar finder, micro-step controller and stepper drives will drive you and your imaging to new heights of accuracy.

This package includes both the narrow (~1.75") and wide (~3") dovetail saddle adapters. This permits attachment of the two main dovetail standards in use.

Mount Features

  • Narrow saddle accepts 44mm (1.75") dovetail bars (compatible with Vixen, Sky-Watcher, Celestron CG-5, Orion and more)
  • Wide saddle accepts 76mm (3") dovetail bars (compatible with Celestron CGE/CGE Pro/CGEM and Losmandy)
  • Automatically track objects with accuracy
  • Retractable counterweight shaft
  • Motors and controller neatly concealed leaving just 2 cables to plug in

Telescope Specifications

  • Aperture: 190 mm (7.48")
  • Focal length: 1000 mm (39.4")
  • Focal ratio: f/5.3
  • Tube material: steel
  • Focuser: 2" dual-speed Crayford
  • Finderscope: 8x50 right angle
  • Eyepiece: None
  • Tube Dimensions: 19.5cm (7.68") wide, 93.5cm (36.8") long
  • Tube weight: 12.5 kg (27.6 lbs)

Mount Specifications

  • Mount Type: German Equatorial style
  • Polar Finder: Included, Northern/Southern
  • Analog setting circles
  • Heavy duty stainless steel tripod
  • Includes one 8" dovetail bar
  • Color: White
  • One year warranty

Computer Drive Specifications

  • SynScan computerized go-to system
  • Over 42,000 objects in the database including complete Messier, NGC, and IC catalogues
  • RS-232 port (can be used via USB-to-RS232 adapter, or SkyFi/StarSeek Wi-Fi adapter)
  • Flash-upgradeable firmware
  • ST4 compatible autoguider port
  • Periodic error correction (PEC)
  • Positioning Accuracy up to 1 arc minute
  • Accuracy enhanced by software collimation error (mount mechanical error) compensation
  • Brushless Stepper motors, 1.8° step angle, 64 micro steps, 12,800 microsteps for one full drive shaft rotation
  • Slewing speed up to 3.4°/sec (800X)
  • Guiding speed selectable from 0.25X, 0.50X, 0.75X, or 1X
  • Includes 12v car plug-in adapter
  • Requires 12v DC 2A (Tip positive)

Mount & Tripod Weights and Dimensions

  • Carrying capacity 18kg (40lbs) (not including counterweights)
  • Tripod Weight 7.5kg (16.5lbs)
  • Mount Weight 16kg (35.2lbs)
  • Counterweights 2 x 5.1kg (11lbs) = 10.2kg (22lbs)
  • Total Weight: 33.7kg (74lbs)
  • Mount Height 41cm (16")
  • Tripod Height 85-147cm (33.5-57.8")
  • Tripod Legs Outside Diameter 50mm (2") and 38mm (1.5")