Focus Scientific

Sky-Watcher Light Shroud for 16\" Truss Dob

Black shrouds are usually so funereal - but not when you're talking truss tube Dobs! For the best performance from any truss Dobsonian, a shroud is a must. This one, custom designed for the 16" Collapsible Dob, is made of a stretchy nylon blend material that fits like a glove over the truss poles of the Dob, fastening with thick elastic bands on both ends. The water-resistant, opaque black fabric blocks stray light from entering the optical path, thus improving image contrast. It's also breathable, which minimizes unwanted vibration of the scope in breezy conditions. Use of the shroud will lessen the accumulation of dust and dirt on the mirrors during use, and will help prevent dew from forming on them.


  • Custom-designed light shroud for the 16" Truss Tube Dobsonian telescope blocks stray light to improve image contrast
  • Made of opaque black, stretch nylon that fits the 10" Truss Tube reflector like a glove and fastens with elastic on both ends
  • Breathable fabric will stay-put in light breezes
  • Lessens accumulation of dust and dew on mirror surfaces while optimizing view contrast during use