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Tele Vue DIOPTRX Adapter For Nagler Type 6

This adapter is designed to attach the DIOPTRX™ astigmatism corrector to all Nagler Type 6 eyepieces. Their smaller eyeguards are thus converted to larger eyeguards, permitting DIOPTRX™ to be installed. Note that these eyepieces have shorter eye relief than others recommended for DIOPTRX™. To minimize any vignetting with DIOPTRX™, it's best to use these for deep-sky applications where your eye pupil is large.

Notes for DIOPTRX™ Adapter use with bino-viewers:

DEA-0001 Adapter, required for
  • Panoptic 24mm and 19mm, Nagler 20mm Type-5: When used for bino-viewers, you may encounter "nose relief" limitations because DIOPTRX™ reduces the normal eyepiece eye relief.
DNA-6000 Adapter, required for
  • All Nagler Type-6: When used for bino-viewers, remove DIOPTRX™, because limited "nose-relief" and eye-relief will prevent seeing the full 82° field. The new larger eyeguards are still fine for use with binocular viewers.