Focus Scientific

USED Orion Skyglow Filter for SCT

Condition: Excellent. Includes original box.

This Orion Skygolw filter is of the broadband type which imparts a green hue to the image, in the manner of the original Lumicon Deep Sky filter. It passes a wide spectral region that includes the visually important H-beta and O-III nebula emission lines. And it also passes the red H-alpha line, making it useful for imaging of nebulae.

The rejection of unwanted light is more aggressive than for the more color-neutral filters, hence the greater utility for emission nebula observation. At the same time, the wider bandpass than for narrow-band nebula filters makes it somewhat useful for the observation of galaxies and star clusters under stronger light pollution.

The filter threads directly to the back of Meade and Celestron SCTs. The visual back or other accessories then thread onto the filter cell.

Warranty: One year