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Orion Starblast II 114mm (4.5\") EQ Reflector Telescope

A telescope is a great gift for those interested in space and the stars. Especially a telescope like the Orion StarBlast II 4.5 EQ. It's a real, bona-fide reflector telescope with sophisticated features which will help inspire beginning stargazers night after night.

With its 4.5"-diameter reflector mirror and sturdy equatorial (EQ) mount with slow-motion controls, this telescope goes beyond the capabilities of smaller beginner models to support amateur astronomers as their interest in space grows into a lifelong appreciation of stargazing and science. The compact Orion StarBlast II 4.5 EQ is a favorite of both beginners and expert astronomers alike, and stargazers won't outgrow the telescope thanks to its great optics, convenient portability, and easy-to-use operation.

The StarBlast II 4.5 EQ will amaze the whole family with bright views thanks to its big, 4.5"-aperture telescope tube, which collects a lot of light from the night sky to send bright, clear images of objects in space to the telescope eyepiece for viewing. The telescope's combination of short 450mm focal length and sizable 4.5" aperture means the StarBlast II 4.5 EQ will generally provide brighter views compared to longer focal length telescopes, which makes it easier for everyone, and especially beginners, to locate interesting sights in the night sky. Using a telescope allows backyard stargazers to explore the sparkling night sky and search out interesting objects to observe. Everyone in the family will enjoy using the StarBlast II 4.5 EQ to look at fascinating craters, valleys and mountains on the Moon; and bright planets like Jupiter, Saturn and Mars. Even distant objects like star clusters, brighter nebulas and galaxies can be seen in this petite reflector telescope.

This telescope makes a near ideal Rich Field Telescope, or RFT. Under a dark sky where the milky way is well seen, you can remove the telescope from the mount, install the low power eyepiece, and cradle the scope in your arms for some enjoyable sweeping unencumbered by the mount mechanics. This is an excellent way to appreciate the plentiful and often quite large dark nebulae, as well as the scintillating star clouds which are clearer 'windows' deeper into our Galaxy's disk system. Some objects are too large to fit in the field of view of larger telescopes. Examples that The Starblast II 4.5 presents to lovely effect are the Andromeda Galaxy (2.5° long), the Pleiades star cluster (2°), and the North America Nebula (3° tall, but requiring a dark country sky). And there are many more!

Start stargazing with the 25mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece.

The included 25mm Orion Sirius Plossl eyepiece provides an 18-power view in the StarBlast II 4.5 EQ with a 52° apparent field of view. That's a very wide true field of 2.8°, or nearly six Moon diameters! The 25mm Sirius Plossl is a great eyepiece to use first when you use the telescope each night, since it provides a larger, less magnified window of night sky for you to view. This lower magnification makes it easy to find interesting objects in the night sky.

Increase magnification with the 10mm Sirius Plossl eyepiece for more powerful views.

After you've scanned the skies with the 25mm Sirius Plossl ocular in the StarBlast II 4.5 EQ, take a closer look at interesting objects by swapping out the 25mm eyepiece with 10mm Sirius Plossl to boost magnification up to 45x. The more powerful view in the 10mm focal length eyepiece makes it easier to see details such as craters and mountains on the Moon, as well as details of bright planets like the moons of Jupiter and the rings of Saturn.

The included Orion EZ Finder II red-dot sight makes aiming the telescope nice and "EZ".

The Orion EZ Finder II reflex sight lets you aim the StarBlast II 4.5 EQ Reflector Telescope anywhere in the night sky. Following a simple alignment procedure, the EZ Finder II projects a small red-dot onto a viewing window, so all you have to do is move the telescope until the red-dot is aimed at the area of sky you want to see in the telescope.

Use the Orion MoonMap 260 to learn more about the lunar features you see in the telescope.

With locations and names of over 260 features on the Moon such as craters, mountains, valleys, "seas" and more, the included Orion MoonMap 260 is a great tool for beginning astronomers. This detailed map will even show you where various spacecraft have landed on the Moon's surface! The MoonMap 260 can be used to plan what to look at on the Moon, and to learn the official names of all the interesting lunar landscape features you see in the StarBlast II 4.5 Reflector Telescope.


  • Fast f/4.0 optics and short 450mm focal length makes it easier to locate objects in the night sky compared to longer focal length beginner telescopes.
  • The combination of short 450mm focal length and sizable 4.5" aperture means the StarBlast II 4.5 tends to provide brighter views compared to longer focal length telescopes.
  • The included Orion MoonMap 260 can help you identify the interesting lunar features you see through the telescope like craters, mountains and valleys.
  • Included eyepieces provide two different magnification options out of the box, and a collimation cap is included to help you align the telescope optics for peak performance.
  • The equatorial mount, even when only roughly aligned to north, allows you to smoothly track your target with a single slow motion control.
  • Includes "The Beginners Guide to Using Telescopes" written by our knowledgeable staff.


  • User level: Beginner
  • Optical design: Newtonian Reflector
  • Optical diameter: 114mm (4.5")
  • Focal length: 450mm
  • Focal ratio: f/4.0
  • Optics type: Parabolic
  • Glass material: Soda-lime plate
  • Eyepieces: Sirius Plossl 25.0mm,10.0mm (1.25")
  • Magnification with included eyepieces: 18x, 45x
  • Resolving power: 1.02 arcsec
  • Lowest useful magnification: 16x
  • Highest theoretical magnification: 228x
  • Limiting stellar magnitude: 12.9
  • Optical quality: Diffraction limited
  • Best for viewing: Brighter deep sky
  • Best for imaging: Lunar & planetary
  • Finder scope: EZ Finder II (red dot)
  • Focuser: 1.25" Rack-and-pinion
  • Secondary mirror obstruction: 34mm
  • Secondary mirror obstruction by diameter: 30%
  • Secondary mirror obstruction by area: 9%
  • Mirror coatings/over-coatings: Aluminum & Silicon Dioxide
  • Mount type: Equatorial (EQ1)
  • Astro-imaging capability: Lunar & planetary
  • Dovetail bar system: No
  • Motor drive compatibility: Clock drive sold separately
  • Bearing material: Friction bearings
  • Latitude range: 14°to 70°
  • Setting circles: Yes
  • Counterweights: One 2.2kg (4.8 lbs)
  • Tube material: Steel
  • Tripod material: Aluminum
  • Counterweight bar length: 200mm (8")
  • Diameter of counterweight shaft: 12mm
  • Height range of mount: 82.5cm - 139cm (32.5" - 54.75")
  • Length of optical tube: 45.7cm (18.0")
  • Weight, optical tube: 1.9kg (4.0 lbs)
  • Weight, mount/tripod: 5.4kg (11.9 lbs)
  • Weight, fully assembled: 9.4kg (20.7 lbs)
  • Additional included accessories: Collimation cap, Moon Map 260
  • Warranty: One year