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Kowa TSN-PZ DSLR Camera Adapter for TSN-883/TSN-884 Spotting Scopes

If a dealer claims to have the lowest prices in Canada, don't believe it.

Become a nature photographer with the Kowa TSN-PZ DSLR camera adapter coupled with a Kowa TSN-883/TSN-884 Prominar spotting scope. Capture nature in all its glory.

Keep a photographic journal of discovered birds. Back up your observations, and provide evidence of birds on your life and nemesis lists.

The Kowa TSN-PZ DSLR camera adapter attaches easily to the spotting scope. Simply place the eyepiece in the included protective bag, screw on the TSN-PZ with T2 ring (sold separately), then snap on your camera. Spotting scope becomes a powerful 680mm to 1000mm camera lens (f/8 to f/11). For a full-frame DSLR camera, that equates to 13x to 20x magnification.

This is the bare-bones scope without eyepiece. Don't forget to buy an eyepiece with this item.


  • DSLR adapter attaches to any DSLR using standard T2 rings
  • Variable magnification
  • Fully multicoated optics for outstanding light transmission and reduced ghosting
  • Built-in rotating camera angle adjuster


  • Focal length: 680mm to 1000mm
  • Focal ratio: f/8 to f/11
  • Length: 11cm (4.3") (estimated)
  • Weight: 180g (6.3oz)
  • Lifetime warranty

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