Focus Scientific

Celestron Lens Shade Dew Cap fits 6\"/8\" scopes

Prevent dew and contrast loss due to glare with a Celestron lens shade.

A lens shade is essential for Cassegrain telescopes.

As a first line of defense in the prevention of dew, the lens shade will help by decreasing the rate at which thermal loss of the corrector lens occurs. By keeping the corrector lens above ambient temperatures longer, dew will not form. This yields approximately one hour of dew suppression.

By extending the shade past the corrector lens, you also cut down on incidental rays of light striking the corrector lens, which helps reduce glare and maintain good contrast. A must if observing under moonlight, near streetlights or yard lights.

The Celestron lens shade fits 6" and 8" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. It features two velcro strips, to accommodate the different sizes.


  • Black matte construction reduces light reflection
  • Flexible plastic with Velcro can be carried flat or rolled up
  • Notched to fit around narrow dovetails
  • Padded rubber grip prevents fall-off
  • Fits 6" and 8" Cassegrain telescopes