Focus Scientific

Celestron Polar Finder fits CG5, CGEM, CGEM II, CGEM-DX, AVX and Sky-Watcher EQ5 mounts

The Celestron polar finder makes polar aligning easy. Compatible with Celestron CG5, CGEM, CGEM II, CGEM-DX and Advanced VX equatorial mounts. Work in both North and South hemispheres.

Simply rotate the RA axis till the constellation pattern in the reticule matches the orientation of the actual constellations in the sky. When polar aligning in the Northern hemisphere, place Polaris in the Polaris circle. When polar aligning in the Southern hemisphere, place the four stars from the constellation Octans in their respective circles.

The reticule and the sky image can be focused independently. The reticule plate can be adjusted to centre the reticule with respect to the RA axis.

Note: The reticule adjustment screws push against the edge of the reticule glass, so care must be taken to not overtighten the screws.

Requires a 25mm inside diameter RA bore. Most older Sky-Watcher EQ5 mounts require additional machining due to their bores being smaller than 25mm. If you're unsure, please contact us for more information.