Antares Variable Extension Eyepiece Projection Adapter (1.25")

Antares Variable Extension Eyepiece Projection Adapter (1.25")


Use a variable extension eyepiece projection adapter anytime greater magnification is required for astrophotography. Ideal for shooting the Moon or planets.

Simply insert an eyepiece into the adapter, and screw on a T2 ring adapter (sold separately). Adapter accepts eyepieces 38mm outside diameter or less. May require an extension tube for long eyepieces.

The built-in telescopic extension makes it possible to use long eyepiece designs which tend to stick out of fixed-length projection adapters. Increasing the extension length also increases the projection power, while reducing the image brightness.

The 1.25" nosepiece detaches and is threaded to accept a T2 ring, so it can be used as a prime-focus adapter as well. Some Newtonian reflectors may require a 2x Barlow to reach focus when used in this fashion.


  • 1.25" removable nosepiece with M42 thread
  • Accepts M42 threaded T-rings and accessories
  • Black anodized aluminum
  • Inside diameter: 37mm (1.4") (max. eyepiece diameter)
  • Length: 122mm to 152mm (overall)
  • Weight: 199g (7oz)

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