Baader Hydrogen Alpha (H-alpha) Narrowband 7nm CCD Filter (1.25")

Baader Hydrogen Alpha (H-alpha) Narrowband 7nm CCD Filter (1.25")

Due to high demand and global product shortages due to the pandemic, please call for availability.

The Baader premium-grade 1.25" H-alpha filter (7nm wavelength) is perfect for smaller sensor CCD cameras. It works well in fast optical systems from f/10 to f/2.8.

These filters block the IR wavelengths. They will not produce halos or reflections.

The glass substrate is finely optically polished plane parallel, providing 1/4 wavefront over entire surface.

Multi-layer dielectric coatings are plasma-assisted and ion beam-hardened using the latest technology

The Baader Planetarium Narrowband 7nm H-Alpha Filter coatings will never degrade from normal use or normal cleaning.


  • 7nm FWHM bandpass
  • Passes 656.28nm
  • 28.5mm filter threaded
  • Dielectrically coated
  • 1/4 wavefront surface accuracy
  • Made in Germany