Baader Planetarium Hyperion 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece Mark IV (1.25"/2")

Baader Planetarium Hyperion 8-24mm Zoom Eyepiece Mark IV (1.25"/2")

Due to high demand and global product shortages due to the pandemic, please call for availability.

Baader Planetarium's Hyperion Zoom Mark IV modular eyepiece offer world-class performance with unique photo-visual features, at unheard of prices. Their quality and feature specifications earned them Sky and Telescope's Hot Astronomy Product distinction for 2008.

The newly redesigned Hyperion eyepieces deliver better transmission, contrast, with superb on and off-axis sharpness and color fidelity across their 50°-68° wide flat-field of view, even in fast telescopes.

Baader engineered these eyepieces with careful opto-mechanical design and optimized internal baffling to eliminate stray light and ghost reflections. The pitch black interior shows no distracting and contrast-robbing glints of light from unbaffled lens or metal surfaces.

Hyperion viewing is notably comfortable and relaxing, thanks to their forgiving eye position, 20mm of eye-relief, extra-large eye lens, and an optical design that is free of annoying kidney-beaning and blackouts.

The proprietary Hyperion Phantom Group™ advanced multi-coatings are designed by German coating engineers, optimized for each of the glasses used, and applied by the finest German coating machines. The result are coatings that truly rival the best. The difference is clearly visible - users report that the Hyperions clearly show fainter stars and darker sky than competitive clones.

Includes screw-on adapters to fit 1.25" and 2" focusers. The screw-on barrels are threaded for filters and provides a specially designed tapered locking recess. The short barrels work well with spotting scopes. The Hyperion field stop locations have been optimally re-designed to give the shortest focus position possible (important for binoviewers).

Hyperion eyepieces are at the top with the very best eyepieces for use with binoviewers. Compared to some wide field eyepieces developed especially for binoviewing, Hyperions eyepieces were found to be superior in every aspect: comfort, eye relief, more nose-room, better coatings, better contrast, wider field, and half the cost. Compatibility with binoviewers is assured thanks to the click-stops at every 4mm.

Hyperion eyepieces incorporate many unique and innovative features which are designed to make them the ideal projection eyepiece.


  • Outstanding sharpness and color correction over the 50°-68° wide apparent field
  • 20mm eye-relief, large eye lens, and a pupil free of the kidney-beaning and blackouts common in many wide field eyepieces
  • High grade water-white glasses used throughout for crystal clear views, low scatter and excellent color fidelity
  • Use of high-index glasses delivers low distortion and astigmatism on scopes as fast as f/4
  • Phantom™ multicoating group for superior light transmission
  • Fits virtually every telescope
  • Modular design
  • Soft fold-over eyecup
  • Includes soft leather carry pouch

Photographic Features

  • Extremely sharp wide-field optical design highly suitable for projection photography, compatible with large chip CCD and DSLRs
  • Eye lens barrels provide M43 threads (covered by removable rubber)
  • Adapter ring system enables cameras to be directly close-coupled for afocal projection, or variably extended for classical eyepiece projection imaging with Baader T-adapter and extension tubes
  • Series of 16 threaded rings provide compatibility with virtually every digital (CCD/DSLR) and video camera (sold separately)


  • Focal length: 24mm-8mm
  • Apparent field: 50°-68°
  • 7 elements
  • Phantom fully multicoated
  • 1.25" and 2" interfaces
  • Accepts 1.25" and 2" standard eyepiece filters
  • Adapter threads: M43mm (requires additional adapter, sold separately)
  • Binoviewer compatible: Yes
  • Tele Vue DIOPTRX™ compatible: No
  • Length: 11cm (4.3")
  • Weight: 307g (10.7oz)
  • Engineered in Germany, made in China