Celestron 12v 7Ahr Power Tank

Celestron 12v 7Ahr Power Tank


Power your telescope equipment in the field easily with the Celestron 7Ahr rechargeable Powertank. This battery is loaded with convenient features, such as a powerful flashlight, a smaller flashlight, carry handle and shoulder strap.

Twin car auxiliary adapter ports can be used to power telescopes, anti-dew heaters, CCD cameras, and more.

USB ports are now standard, to power or recharge electronic devices such as MP3 players, cellphones, and more. Some devices may not charge from the USB ports, as they require manufacturer-specific chargers.

Includes rear binding posts which are connected directly to the battery. These can be used to connect third-party smart chargers. Other devices can be connected to these posts as well either by wrapping wire around the screw terminals, or plugging them in using banana plugs. Please observe proper polarity, or risk damaging your equipment.

The 7Ahr battery provides considerably more power than tiny AA, C and D cell batteries. Correctly sizing the battery is key to avoid running out of power and maintaining the battery, so you will have more than enough for a night of observing.

To calculate the recommended maximum run time, take the rated capacity of the battery, divide by 2, then divide by the amount of equipment current draw. Example: telescope draws 1.2Ahr, so 7 divided by 2 equals 3.5. 3.5 divided by 1.2 equals 2.9hrs

The power tank comes with all necessary charging cables to charge from 100-240v AC, or from your car's accessory/auxiliary/cigarette lighter socket.

For best performance and experience we recommend the #18769 car DC power cord to power Celestron, Orion and Sky-Watcher computerized telescope. The #07043 car DC power cord is recommended to power Meade computerized telescopes. If your scope/mount came with a car DC power cord, make sure it uses 18 AWG wire. Smaller conductors (eg: 20/22/24 AWG) may drop the voltage below 12v, causing crashes, freezing, poor slewing performance, etc.


  • Accepts two cigarette lighter plugs
  • Sliding cigarette lighter socket covers
  • 800,000 candle power tiltable spotlight
  • Small flashlight w/ red filter cap, flash mode
  • 4 status LED's
  • Cigarette lighter cable


  • Two front-mounted 5v USB ports
  • Two front-mounted 12v car auxiliary jacks (cigarette lighter jacks)
  • Front-mounted discrete 3v, 6v and 9v jacks, accepts 5.5mm O.D. x 2.1mm I.D. barrel plugs
  • Rear-mounted 12v binding posts


  • Twin 12v/10A output cigarette lighter sockets
  • 10A circuit breaker
  • 3V/1A, 6V/1A, 9V/1A multi-volt output jacks
  • 2A fuse
  • Rear 12v color-coded binding posts
  • 110v/220v wall charger
  • Length: 28.8cm (11.2")
  • Width: 13cm (5.1")
  • Height: 23.5cm (9.3")
  • Weight: 3kg

Note: Powertanks use sealed lead-acid batteries, which are happiest when they are kept full. As they discharge, sulfation occurs in the battery. Lead sulphate develops, and can form crystals on the lead plates, which choke off the battery. With proper regular battery maintenance, these crystals will mostly dissolve. If the battery is poorly maintained, the crystals can form and harden, which can lead to premature battery failure.

Sulfation happens from a number of reasons

  • battery deeply discharged/drained
  • battery overcharged/left on trickle charge
  • battery stored incorrectly/stored discharged
  • battery discharges over time without regular maintenance

Sulfation prevention

  • use only 50% of the battery charge
  • immediately charge battery to full
  • charge battery at least once every two months
  • do not leave on trickle charge or overcharge
  • do not store on concrete