Celestron 12v Car Adapter

Celestron 12v Car Adapter

Due to high demand and global product shortages due to the pandemic, please call for availability.

Power your Celestron, Sky-Watcher or Orion computerized telescope directly from 12v DC.

This quality power cord uses 18 AWG wire to meet the demands of telescope equipment. The larger diameter conductor is better able to supply current with minimal voltage drop. Digital electronics require good, clean, stable power. If the voltage drops too much, the telescope may exhibit strange issues (crashing, freezing, poor slewing accuracy, etc.), and usually occurs when current demand increases, such as when the motors begin a slewing operation, and also increases due to temperature effects on metal parts and grease.

We recommend this cord for use with car accessory/auxiliary/cigarette lighter jacks, and external rechargeable batteries such as Celestron's Powertank 7 and 17.


  • 18 AWG wire
  • 18 to 20ft cord length
  • Barrel connector
    • 2.1mm center pin
    • 5.5mm outside diameter
    • threaded retainer collar
    • backwards compatible with equipment that lacks retainer threads
  • Cigarette lighter/auxiliary plug
  • 5A 250v BUSS fuse