Celestron Labs 20x Stereo Microscope w/ LED Illumination

Celestron Labs 20x Stereo Microscope w/ LED Illumination


Low-magnification microscopes such as this unit are perfect for many applications, including observing rocks, plants, insects, handwriting analysis, and parts inspection.

Stereo microscopes are more comfortable to use, and show you subjects in 3D.

This style of microscope is highly recommended for children, thanks to its ease of use, with no specimen preparation time.

Includes two different 3D specimens preserved in acrylic (assorted insects, arachnids, etc.). Additional 3D specimens available separately.


  • Coated glass optics for sharp accurate images
  • Built in white LED lighting delivers bright views
  • Battery operated, works anywhere


  • 10x wide field eyepieces
  • 20x total magnification
  • 8mm (.3") field of view
  • 66mm (2.6") working distance
  • 33mm (1.3") spare focus travel for thicker specimens
  • Top white LED illumination
  • White stage plate with cavity on reverse side
  • Powered by 2x AA batteries
  • Height 23cm (9")
  • Weight 544g (19oz)
  • 2 year warranty