Hinode Solar Guider with Paddle, including Lunt Mount Base

Hinode Solar Guider with Paddle, including Lunt Mount Base

Due to high demand and global product shortages due to the pandemic, please call for availability.

The Astro Hutech Hinode Solar Guider is the first autoguider designed for casual solar viewing as well as photography. It does not require precise polar alignment, allowing for quick, convenient setup-and-go for public outreach or quick viewing with a grab-n-go solar scope and eliminates keeping the sun centered over a long observing session.

For imaging, long-term autoguiding on the sun simplifies post-processing for projects such as time-lapse movies.

While guiding effectiveness is dependent on the entire telescope and mount system, plus external factors such as atmospheric effects, the Hinode guider can detect position errors on the order of 1 arc second with a lab light source, and the smallest correction it will make is 100ms (programmed into firmware with typical mount electronic and mechanical limitations in mind). This corresponds to 1.5 arcseconds at 1x guide rate (correction speed at 1x sidereal drift) and .75 arcseconds at 0.5x guide rate.

The Hinode Solar Guider is supplied with an optics/electronics assembly box, hand-controller, USB cable, hand-controller cable, autoguider cable, and choice of mounting base.

Price does not include shipping and brokerage, which will be confirmed before actual payment is taken.


  • Quick setup -- precise polar alignment is not required
  • Built-in coarse finder makes lining up with the sun easy and safe
  • Guides on the solar disk -- No requirements for sunspots to be used for tracking
  • Optics, filter, and sensor are integrated in a single package along with guide electronics. No additional guide scope, filter, or computer required
  • One-time easy calibration with no additional calibration necessary for a fixed setup. Just select AM or PM tracking
  • No PC required. All functions are controlled through the attached hand controller
  • Universal mounting block allows attachment to virtually any telescope. Compatible with conventional finder dovetail bases available on the market
  • Audible cues and hand controller LEDs eliminate the need to exactly center the sun with an eyepiece or PC monitor
  • 5V DC operation via USB mini-B cable. When used with a PC no power supply is necessary
  • User-friendly PC interface, including upgradeable firmware
  • Windows PC Software for monitor and control of the Hinode Guider
  • Compatible with any mount with ST-4 / Losmandy-type autoguider input port


  • Length: 106mm (4.2")
  • Width: 67mm (2.6")
  • Height: 28mm (1.1")
  • Weight: 270g (9.5oz)
  • Made in USA