IDAS Light Pollution Suppression (LPS) Filter - D1 (82mm)

IDAS Light Pollution Suppression (LPS) Filter - D1 (82mm)

Due to high demand and global product shortages due to the pandemic, please call for availability.

The IDAS LPS-D1 filter is a tweaked version of the LPS-P2 designed to provide a natural colour balance while still eliminating as much sodium and mercury vapour based light pollution as possible for DSLRs and one-shot colour deep space CMOS and CCD imagers. These filters incorporate IDAS MBT, UFP, and IGAD technologies to insure undegraded and extremely durable optical performance.

LPS-D1 filters are available as camera-body-mounted filters for Canon digital cameras or as screw-in filters for telescopes or telephoto lenses.

Price does not include shipping and brokerage, which will be confirmed before actual payment is taken.


  • 82mm filter threaded
  • Near IR is blocked completely, eliminating the need for an additional filter to block IR
  • Like the LPS-P2, it passes some of the wavelengths between H-Alpha and O-III to help make the colour balance more natural
  • Unlike the LPS-P2, it cuts out more of the deep red past H-Alpha to help minimize the redishness of images from modified DSLRs and dedicated CMOS and CCD astro cameras
  • More suitable for imaging galaxies than LPS-V4
  • Made in Japan