iOptron CubePro Mount with 1.25" Tripod

iOptron CubePro Mount with 1.25" Tripod

Due to high demand and global product shortages due to the pandemic, please call for availability.

The iOptron SmartStar® CubePro™ system combines the same precision goto and tracking technology found in the MiniTower™-- but packaged in a portable, easy-to-carry system. The latest version of CubePro™ mount features the latest GOTONOVA® computerized control system and all new all control electronics. The Go2Nova® 8408 hand controller features over 150,000 celestial objects with a 4-line backlit LCD screen. A 32 channel internal GPS, easy alignment procedure and accurate GoTo and auto-tracking minimize the setup time. The standard Vixen-type dovetail saddle makes this mount compatible with many different OTAs. CubePro mount is compatible with all ASCOM compliant planetarium programs and many other programs such as The Sky X, Starry Night and Sky Safari.

Included is our lightweight (5kg) but sturdy tripod having steel legs of diameter 1.25", 1.6kg (3.5 lbs) counterweight, and counterweight shaft.


  • All new electronics
  • Super quiet tracking
  • 8408 Go2Nova® hand controller with AA/EQ dual operation
  • Large database with 150,000+ objects
  • Fully computer controllable using latest iOptron Commander and ASCOM
  • Attaches to a camera tripod with 3/8” thread (or 1/4" thread via a converter)
  • Wireless control with optional StarFi™ Wi-Fi adapter
  • Grab ‘N Go altazimuth mount – The CubePro: the only mount of its kind for ultimate rotation
  • Metal worms and ring gears
  • 3.6kg (8 lbs) payload for various scopes and cameras, with 1.4kg (3.1 lbs) mount head
  • Go2Nova® 8408 hand controller with Advanced GOTONOVA® GOTO Technology
  • 150,000+ object database with 60 user-defined objects
  • Large LCD screen with 4 lines and 21-characters hand control with backlit LED buttons
  • Dual-axis servomotor with optical encoder
  • 9 speed for precise mount moving control
  • Built-in 32-channel Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Altazimuth/equatorial (AA/EQ) dual operation (need a wedge for EQ operation)
  • Vixen-type dovetail saddle
  • Operates on 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • 3/8" threads to fit on camera mount
  • 100~240V AC power adapter included, optional 12V DC adapter (#8418) available
  • Serial port for firmware upgrade and computer control
  • Latest ASCOM and iOptron Commander for mount remote control
  • RS232-RJ9 serial cable for firmware upgrade and computer control
  • 1.6kg (3.5 lbs) counterweight and stainless steel CW shaft for EQ operation balancing
  • Optional StarFi™ WiFi adapter #8434 for mount wireless control
  • Includes our 1.25" lightweight (5kg) steel tripod

Package Contents

  • 1X SmartStar® CubeProTM mount
  • 1X 8408 Go2Nova® hand controller
  • 1X 1.6kg (3.5lb) counterweight
  • 1X Counterweight shaft
  • 1X Controller cable
  • 1X Serial cable
  • 1X 12V AC/DC adapter
  • 1X Tripod
  • Two year limited warranty

(Telescope, camera and secondary dovetail saddle not included.)


  • Mount: AltAzimuth Mount
  • Body Materials: Die-cast Aluminum
  • Maximum Payload: 3.6kg (8 lbs)
  • Mount Weight (w/o batteries): 1.4kg (3.1 lbs)
  • System: GoToNova®
  • Motor: Dual-Axis DC Servo motor with encoders
  • Gear: Aluminum worm wheel/Brass worm gear
  • Bearing: 4 steel ball bearings
  • Hand controller: Go2Nova® 8408 w AA/EQ dual mode
  • LCD display: 8 line, 21 character with LED backlit
  • Database: 150,000+ object database
  • Slew Speed: 1x, 2×,8×,16x, 64×,128x, 256×,512x and MAX (~4°/sec)
  • Tracking Control: Automatic
  • Tracking Rate: Celestial, Solar, Lunar, King and User defined
  • Resolution: 0.5 arcsecond
  • GPS: 32-channel GPS
  • Processor: 32bit ARM
  • Level indicator: Yes
  • Dovetail Saddle: Integrated VIXEN saddle
  • Counterweight: 1.6kg (3.5 lbs)
  • Counterweight Shaft: Included
  • 1.25" Steel Tripod: Included
  • Battery: AA x 8 (Not Included)
  • AC/DC adapter: Included
  • Power Consumption: 0.2A (Tracking), 0.6A (Slew)
  • Power Requirement: DC 12V±2V, >1.2A
  • Serial Port: Yes (on hand controller)
  • Firmware Upgrade: Yes
  • PC Computer Control: Yes (iOptron Commander and ASCOM)
  • Wireless Control: Yes (with optional StarFi™ adapter #8434)
  • Operating Temp: 0°C~ 40°C
  • Warranty: Two Year Limited Warranty