Lunt 60mm Photo/Visual Solar Telescope with B1200 Blocking Filter (single stacked)

Lunt 60mm Photo/Visual Solar Telescope with B1200 Blocking Filter (single stacked)

Due to high demand and global product shortages due to the pandemic, please call for availability.

The LS60T/CPT Photo/Visual telescope is a fully integrated, 100% safe, dedicated Solar Telescope, for all your solar photographic and visual needs.

Traditional broadband white light solar filters let the observer view sun spots and some granulation, but flares, filaments, prominences, plages, and more remain elusive. This is because these broad filters provide too much bandwidth. In order to see the more exquisite features, the bandwidth needs to be a lot more narrow.

Dedicated Hydrogen Alpha (Hα) solar telescopes provide the necessary narrow bandwidth, .1nm (1 Angstrom) or less, in order to observe the various features of the sun. Solar disc features show incredible contrast, and you feel like you are really getting to know the sun.

The tuning mechanism allows you to observe features which are doppler shifted slightly towards the blue or red wing of the Hydrogen Alpha line. The fine tuning mechanism works by compressing the air around the etalon filters to adjust the refractive index, while keeping the filter's optical plane 90° to the axis of the incoming light. This provides much more even filtering across the field of view, and does not produce a sweet spot, unlike tilt-style tuners.

The photo/visual scope includes the larger B1200 blocking filter. This will allow the full solar disc to be captured using most standard cameras, including DSLR's which have different backfocus requirements.

This scope is optimized for solar photography, and works equally well for visual solar observations as well. Due to some camera's backfocus requirements (like DSLR's), the blocking filter has to move closer to the objective lens. If the blocking filter isn't large enough, the field will vignette. The larger B1200 blocking filter included with this photo/visual solar telescope will allow for the capture of the whole solar disc.

The 60mm telescope is fully upgradeable at anytime without ever needing to go back to the factory. As the Sun becomes more increasingly more active, you will appreciate that the instrument can grow right along with it.

This package provides the essentials perfect for a first time introduction to daytime solar observing and solar photography, while also including the newest technology for fine tuning, allowing basic research of the Sun’s disk and some surface details.

Note: Product's "suggested serving" shown, with Tele Vue Sol Searcher sun finder, Tele Vue Plossl eyepiece, and Sky-Watcher/Vixen style dovetail adapter. These items are not included in this package.


  • Narrow Band Hydrogen-alpha (656.28nm) Dedicated System
  • Internal Etalon with a NEW Pressure Tuner
  • Provides <0.75 Angstrom bandpass, providing a perfect blend of edge and surface detail


  • Aperture: 60mm (2.4")
  • Focal length: 500mm (19.6")
  • Focal ratio: f/8.3
  • Optical format: Refractor
  • Etalon type: Single Interference
  • Tuning: Doppler True Pressure
  • Bandpass: <0.075nm (<0.75 Angstroms) @ 656nm
  • B1200 blocking filter (built in to diagonal)
  • Star diagonal: Accepts 1.25" eyepieces
  • Focuser: Precision-machined dual-speed Crayford with 10:1 reducer
  • Eyepieces: Sold separately
  • Finderscope: Sold separately
  • Machined Aluminum tube clamp, fits standard photo tripods via 1/4 20 tpi bolts
  • Adaptable to Sky-Watcher/Vixen dovetail mounts (dovetail sold separately)
  • Color: Pearl White and Black with Red accents
  • Case: Included, Aluminum, die-cut foam
  • Length: 36cm (14")
  • Weight: 3.1kg (6.8lbs)
  • Lunt Five Year Warranty