Lunt Solar Eclipse Glasses (250 Pack)

Lunt Solar Eclipse Glasses (250 Pack)


Note: This product is out of stock and will not be available in time for the Aug. 21, 2017 eclipse. We're sorry for the inconvenience.

The Lunt Solar Eclipse Glasses are safe for direct viewing of the sun and solar eclipses. They are made of scratch resistant optical density 5 black polymer material. The Sun appears orange through these glasses.

The dark matte polymer material doesn't reflect ambient light into the eye, making it vastly more enjoyable to view through than other types employing more reflective silver colored film.

The glasses are CE certified, meeting the transmission requirements of scale 12-15 EN 1836:2005 & AS/NZS 1338.1:1992 for eclipse viewers, and meet ISO 12312-2 international standards. They filter out 100% of harmful ultraviolet, 100% of harmful infrared, and 99.999% of intense visible light.

* Warning *

Aiming optical equipment at the Sun can cause blindness and irreversible eye damage, star fires, destroy personal property and damage the instrument.

Not intended for children under 13 years of age. Never leave equipment unattended. Please use responsibly.

Focus Scientific is not responsible for injury, death or damage due to misuse of the equipment.