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Nightwatch - A Practical Guide to Viewing the Universe, by renowned Canadian author Terence Dickinson.

Nightwatch is the standard reference for all amateur astronomers. Never before has a guide been written so ultra-simplified, without the usual jargon found in reference books. Gorgeous full-color photos appear throughout.

You will read about the known universe, the Milky Way Galaxy, Planets, The Moon and our closest star: The Sun, and more. Excellent beginners star maps (20 charts) compliment the simple seasonal maps of the sky, complete with descriptions of the most popular deep-sky objects.

This 4th Edition is revised to include

  • southern-hemisphere star charts
  • digital-camera astrophotography
  • choosing a telescope for the 21st century
  • tables and data updated through 2018

Format: Hardcover spiral bound, 192 pages, 28 x 27 x 2cm (11 x 10 ¾ x ⅞")

ISBN# 155407147X

EAN# 9781554071470