Orion 50mm Magnificent Mini Deluxe Guidescope w/ Helical Focus and Starshoot Autoguider Package

Orion 50mm Magnificent Mini Deluxe Guidescope w/ Helical Focus and Starshoot Autoguider Package

Due to high demand and global product shortages due to the pandemic, please call for availability.

Autocorrect your way to better astrophotography with the Orion Magnificent Mini Deluxe Autoguider package. Gone are the tedious back-breaking sessions of staring into a guidescope to achieve tracking perfection.

The package includes a 50mm finderscope-style guidescope with a helical focuser, adjustable mounting bracket, a mounting saddle, a 1/4" 20tpi adapter, and Orion's StarShoot Autoguider camera. Mount this package on top (or beside) your existing optical tube. The camera plugs into an available computer USB port. The computer acquires real-time video of the guide star, processes the video to determine guide star drift direction, and sends RA/DEC corrections through the camera to ST-4 compatible autoguider ports found on many popular computerized and non-computerized mounts.

The guidescope bracket features flexible mounting options:

  • Mounts to existing finder saddles found on many scopes from Celestron, Orion, Sky-Watcher, Vixen, GSO and more.
  • Included dovetail saddle add-on can be bolted to most reflectors/refractors (requires drilling two holes)
  • Included 1/4" 20tpi adapter connects to piggyback mounts
  • Dovetail saddle add-on available to mount to Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes (part#07215, sold separately)

Autoguiding is a great way to work around shortcomings in the mount's gearing, and small errors in polar alignment. Worm gears in commercially available mounts often have some periodic error which repeats with every rotation. This translates to a slow-period movement (oscillation) that spans between 6 and 12 minutes, depending on the mount's design.

Traditional means of correcting for unwanted movement involved programmable drives. Some astrophotographers resorting to hunching over a guide scope with an illuminated crosshair eyepiece for 20 to 60 minutes at a time, while making tiny corrections over the entire exposure window. Autoguiders are an ideal solution.

Includes highly acclaimed PhD guiding software to deliver an intuitive and friendly autoguiding experience. Note, we recommend downloading the most recent version off the internet, to take advantage of new features and fixes.

The Starshoot Autoguider camera is also available in other guidescope packages, or sold separately.

This autoguiding package is a highly recommended upgrade over the previous magnificent mini autoguiding package which does not include the rear helical focuser.


  • Intuitive and friendly operation
  • Helps eliminate star trails in astrophotos
  • Short and reasonably lightweight
  • ST4 compatible autoguider port connects to many popular motorized/computerized mounts
  • Compact and lightweight finderscope design presents minimal load
  • Camera can be mounted to other scopes using 1.25" nosepiece or T-mounts (42mm)

Guidescope Specifications

  • Aperture: 50mm (2")
  • Focal length: 162mm (6.4")
  • Focal ratio: f/3.2
  • Objective: cemented doublet
  • Fully coated
  • Focuser:Rear helical fine-focus and front objective helical w/ lock ring
  • Accepts 1.25" eyepieces, guide cameras
  • Three-point alignment bracket, two thumbscrews + a spring return system
  • Dovetail saddle attaches to many scopes (requires drilling of 2 holes)
  • 1/4" 20tpi dovetail saddle adapter for use with piggyback mounts
  • Dovetail saddle add-on available to mount to Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes (part#07215, sold separately)
  • Length: 17cm (6.8") (optical tube)
  • Weight: 590g (1.3lbs) (optical tube)
  • Orion one year warranty

Autoguider Camera Specifications

  • Imaging sensor: Micron MT9M001 Monochrome
  • Imaging sensor size: 6.66mm x 5.32mm
  • Resolution: 1280 x 1024 (1,310,720 total)
  • Pixel size: 5.2µ x 5.2µ
  • Video frame rate: 15 frames/second at full resolution
  • Autoguider capability: Yes
  • Exposure range: 0.05 second to 10 second
  • A/D conversion: 8 bit
  • Thermoelectric cooling: No
  • Fan: No
  • IR filter: No (sold separately)
  • Mounting: 1.25" nozzle or T-thread
  • Backfocus distance: 15mm (0.6") from T-threads
  • Connectivity: High-speed USB 2.0
  • Weight: 127g (4.5oz)
  • One year warranty

System Requirements

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Mac OS X
  • 1.3Ghz or faster CPU
  • 512Mb RAM
  • 40Mb of hard drive space
  • Screen resolution 1024x768 or higher
  • USB 1.1 or better (USB 2.0 recommended)