Orion Eon 85mm (3.35") ED-X2 APO Refractor Telescope OTA

Orion Eon 85mm (3.35") ED-X2 APO Refractor Telescope OTA

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Unlike most ED triplets which are made with just one ED glass element, this beautifully crafted apochromatic refractor stands above ordinary triplets since it features one element of FPL-53 ED glass and one element of FPL-51 ED glass. The Orion EON 85mm ED-X2 refractor provides superior correction of chromatic and spherical aberrations, delivering impeccable visual views and razor-sharp astrophotos without any color fringing or loss of clarity.

This beautiful telescope sports a hybrid-drive 2" rack & pinion focuser which can support imaging gear trains weighing up to 17.6 lbs., and features dual-speed (11:1) controls to easily fine-tune focus. You can rotate the focuser 360° to optimize imaging or observing convenience. The focuser permits 60mm of backfocus travel, and has a built-in focus lock knob. A step-down 1.25" adapter allows use of both 2" and 1.25" size accessories.

The 85mm EON ED-X2 refractor measures 560mm in focal length with a fast f/6.6 focal ratio which is excellent for wide-field visual and photographic use. Multiple internal baffles prevent off-axis reflections for excellent contrast, while a retractable lens shade helps eliminate glare and dew buildup. Weighing just 9.25 lbs., the lightweight EON 85mm ED-X2 doesn't require a gigantic mount for stable support, and makes a great addition to any astrophotography setup.

The Orion EON 85mm ED-X2 f/6.6 Triplet Apo Refractor comes with a thread-on objective lens cover, two heavy-duty machined tube rings, a sturdy machined dovetail bar for easy mount attachment, and a dovetail finder scope base (installation required). An included hard carry case with a custom die-cut foam insert ensures safe transport and convenient storage of the telescope and all included accessories.

This exceptional refractor will satisfy even the most demanding astrophotographers and observers. With gloss-black machined construction, and attractive satin-red features and accessories, the Orion EON 85mm ED-X2 telescope is a truly gorgeous astronomy instrument.


  • Two ED elements; FPL-53 and FPL-51, eliminates chromatic aberration by tightly focusing visible wavelengths to a common focus
  • Retractable lens shade and thread-on metal lens cap
  • Rotatable 2" hybrid-drive focuser with precise, 11:1 dual-speed control supports up to 17.6 lb without slippage
  • Includes hard carry case, machined tube rings and dovetail bar, 1.25" adapter, and more
  • Includes "The Beginners Guide to Using Telescopes" written by our knowledgeable staff.


  • Aperture: 85mm (3.35")
  • Focal Length: 560mm (22")
  • Focal Ratio: f/6.6
  • Lens Construction: triplet APO, with one element each of FPL-53 ED and FPL-51 ED glass
  • Fully multicoated
  • Aluminum tube, with multiple internal baffles
  • 2" hybrid drive focuser
  • Camera Capable:
    • USB imagers
    • All-in-one cameras via universal digital camera adapter
    • DSLR/SLR (Requires T2 ring, 2" prime focus adapter)
    • Above cameras and adapters sold separately
  • Length 45cm (17.7")
  • Weight 4.17kg (9.2lb)
  • Machined tube rings
  • V-series dovetail bar, 178mm (7") long, 44mm (1.75") wide
  • Aluminum carry case included
  • One year warranty