Orion Paragon Plus Binocular Mount

Orion Paragon Plus Binocular Mount

Due to high demand and global product shortages due to the pandemic, please call for availability.

Binoculars are wonderful observing tools for astronomy and nature. Many observers prefer to mount their binoculars on tripods. Some observers don't have a choice due to the high magnification, or weight of their binoculars. Tripods are also great for sharing the experience with others.

The Orion Paragon Plus binocular mount makes viewing better. Unlike traditional ball, video and 3D tripods heads which make holding binoculars at high angles a challenge, the Paragon Plus is able to hold most binoculars with ease.

The Paragon plus places the binocular further away from the tripod, making it easier to get under the binocular. This makes standing, or sitting under the binocular much easier.

The parallelogram-style arms permit the user to raise or lower the binocular, with very little change in alignment. This is a wonderful feature when you want to share some night sky treasures with people of various heights.

Adjustable counterweighting can accommodate most binoculars up to 80mm of aperture.

The Paragon Plus fits tripods accepting either a ¼" 20tpi or ⅜" 16tpi threaded head. We highly recommend the Manfrotto 055 Classic tripod.

The included standard tripod L-bracket will affix most modern porro prism binoculars to the mount, provided they have a forwards-facing tripod socket. These sockets are usually found between the objective lenses, located in front of the central hinge. Different brackets (sold separately) are available to fit roof prism binoculars, or models which contain their own downwards-facing tripod socket.

It is also possible to modify the Paragon Plus to mount an additional head on top, with the goal of placing the paragon to the side of the observer. In this configuration, you can lay down on a lawn chair, and have the binocular suspended above your head.

Note: Binocular and tripod not included.