Orion Star Target Planisphere (Map)

Orion Star Target Planisphere (Map)

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The Orion Star Target Planisphere is a simple rotary map which can be set to show the night sky for any time and date.

The the planisphere to learn and locate the constellations, numerous deep-sky objects, aid in locating planets, and more. Identify the magnitudes of major stars. Locate meteor showers, includes a handy date reference on the back.

The outer rim marks off the date, the inner wheel represents the time. Simply rotate the wheel to align any date and time, and the map updates to reflect the correct sky.

Perfect for latitudes between 30° and 50° North.

Lightweight, made of cardboard, 22 x 21.5cm (8 ¾ x 8 ½")

Map by Wil Tirion

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