SBIG AO-8A autoguider for Aluma CCD Cameras

SBIG AO-8A autoguider for Aluma CCD Cameras


Note: Product shipping October, 2017

The SBIG AO-8A is designed for the Aluma Camera Series.

The AO-8A requires an off-axis guide camera behind the device. We recommend using the FW8G-Aluma filter wheel. The AO-8A can also be used with a Remote Guide Head if you have a custom Off-Axis Guider.

The AO-8A uses a tip-tilt window to quickly and precisely adjust the image position in response to autoguider feedback. With Adaptive Optics there is no backlash, stiction or lag, and the movements are extremely precise and accurate. This allows the AO-8A to not only remove the effects of periodic error, drift, and wind gusts, but also reduce the effects of atmospheric seeing.

The correction rate can be set between 1 and 10 cycles per second. No mount can impart corrections at a rate faster than about once per second, and so even the slower AO-8A rates make a notable improvement in most instances. The faster rates null out higher frequency jitter, resulting in even tighter point spread functions (PSFs).


  • Computer Interface: I2C
  • OS Compatibility: Windows 32 and 64 bit OS, Mac