SBIG AO-8T Adaptive Optics for STT Cameras

SBIG AO-8T Adaptive Optics for STT Cameras

Due to high demand and global product shortages due to the pandemic, please call for availability.

SBIG's adaptive optics system brings the same great technology used in research observatories into the hands of amateurs. This system works by monitoring a star at 10 frames per second. Small movements caused by bad seeing or shifts in the imaging system are promptly corrected by tilting a piece of glass. Even under less than ideal skies, this system allows sharp images to be taken.

The adaptive optics system is meant to be used with SBIG's self guiding filter wheel, or their remote guide head. The adaptive optics system interfaces directly with the camera to get the high speed image data.

The ±40 pixel correction range means this unit is capable of also correcting for some periodic error as well. This minimizes the number of corrections sent to the mount to potentially none. The optical design ensures that there are no focus problems or distortions introduced by the adaptive optics.


  • Backfocus: ~50.8 mm (2")
  • Correction speed: 10 Hz
  • Correction range: ±40 px
  • Compatibility: STT series cameras
  • Interface and power: I2C with camera